Status of judicial expert

The justice expert is a qualified and experienced professional in his field of activity; he is recognized as such by his peers, but also by the judiciary which regularly evaluates him as part of its re-registration, every five years, after advisory opinion of committees composed of magistrates and experts close to the courts.

Like the judge, the expert must be able to express his opinion objectively impartially.

Deontology and Oath

According the article 237 of the Code of Civil procedure “the committed technician must carry out his mission with conscience, objectivity, and impatiality.”

A s an adherent member of a company of experts of the National Council, we are committed to respect the rules of deontology that reside in the respect of a rigorous coded ethics.

According to the article 6 of the Acto of 29 june 1971 amended the law of 11 February  2004, when they are registered on a list drawn up by a Court of Appeal, the experts of justice must take the following oth :

The experts of justice must carry out their missions report and give their opinion in their honor and conscience. 

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