Are you looking for a marine surveyor for your ship ?

Marine survey of a motor ship

We carry out a precise assessment of your vessel  and at your convenience.

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Marine survey of a sailboat

We put our competence at your service for any  survey of your sailboat.

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Purchase and search of ships

Think of the assistance of a professional for any search or sale of ships.

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Who are we?

As a Maritime Expert for more than 20 years, Côte d’ Azur Expertise offers you its experience and competence in the field of Maritime Expertise .

We intervene for mediation and conciliation , in case of litigation .  We carry out post-disasters assessments for insurance companies , counter-assessments  with legal assistance, pre – insurance appraisals  with valuation or depreciation of a ship .

We offer the assistance of an interpreter, if necessary .

We comply with the AFNOR standard ( french standard association ) according to the referenced document ACX50-827 which regulates the ethics of maritime experts .

Our professionalism is recognized by the Courts and the insurances companies . In order to

Guarantee our principals, we subscribe to a Professional liability Insurance in relation to the capital  that we manage within the framework of our expert operations .

Our Partners allow us to
Optimize our knowledge

Our Partners

Côte d’ Azur Expertise intervene

All over the world
Over 20 Years experience
Judiciary Expert