Transport damage

When goods are transported , they are not immune to unforeseen circumstances !

When a claim has an impact on the goods , there are a number of steps to be followed , when the goods are insured .

Taking into account the specific nature of this type of ile, we intervene in very fast deadlines,and we are surroundes by independant  collaborators in the case of personal unavailability.

We intervene in all countries , in France and particurlaly in the mediterranean region.

What is the purpose to make this statement

  • Make sure the reality of the facts
  • Define the origins and the causes objectively
  • Evaluae the damage
  • Distribute and resell the equipement in good condition

As an insured person, you must have a report drawn up by a claims commissioneer within a period of time set by the police. It is up to the receiver ( recipient of the goods) or his agent ( representative) to request a damage Commissioner or an Expert, in case of fear or observation of damaged or missing  products . The damage commissioner  informs the applicant precisely of the date of his/her passage. After the report is written, it is up to the applicant to advance the costs related to the expertise. If the risks are well covered, the insurer will reimburses the costs.

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